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Do you want to consign your camper?

Do you own a camper but want to make some money on it through rentals? We can help! A consigned camper is one where you own the camper but we add it to our fleet and keep it rented out. We will handle the booking, delivery of the camper to customers, clean, and insure your camper while you collect your money. 

If you're interested please reach out via the form below and we can share some more details and expectations.

Commonly asked questions

  • HOW MUCH WILL I EARN?  Your Rental Earnings will depend on the type and size of your RV, and on how much you personally use it.

  • WHAT IF A RENTAL CUSTOMER DAMAGES MY RV?  In the event your RV is damaged, we contract with quality local repair facilities to ensure it is repaired to like-new condition. Repair costs are covered by RV rental insurance, and the customer pays the deductible.

What are we looking for in consigned campers?

  1. If you have a camper that offers something different than what you see currently offered in our fleet, then we will be interested in hearing more from you!  We want to provide our renters with a variety of campers to choose from!

  2. Cosigned campers MUST be 2019 or newer.  Mobile Bay Camper Rentals prides itself on having campers in our fleet that have minimal wear with up-to-date interiors so we can provide our renters with a great experience! 

  3. Are there any specific RV's that we are interested in?  Yes!  We would like to offer Air Stream rentals (that are new or recently renovated vintage campers), 2018 or newer motorhomes, and campers that would generally be categorized as luxury RV's.  With these type of RV's, you as the owner, have a say on how much you would like your RV rented out per night or the parameters of where the RV can travel when being rented out to a customer.

RV Rental Consignment Program Revenue Benefits


Enrolling in our rental consignment program has many financial advantages for RV owners, including:

  • Generating additional income to use toward paying off your RV loans and/or upkeep.

  • Earning you extra income while letting others enjoy your RV.

How to apply for RV consignment.  It's Easy!

​1.  Send us a message in the form below and give us the following details:

  • The unit type, year, make and model of your camper​

  • The condition of the camper

  • The preferred nightly rate and minimum monthly rate

  • Date unit is available for consignment

  • Any questions or comments that you have about the consignment process

2.  ​If we feel like your camper would be a good fit for Mobile Bay Camper Rentals, we will give you a contract that lays out all of the details thoroughly for you to examine.


3.  Then, you would just supply the RV and store it in the secure facility where our campers are now located.  We will take care of the rest!  We buy insurance for it, manage rentals, collect the fees, provide maintenance and cleaning.  You receive your earnings at the end of each month.

Make money by consigning your RV with us!

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