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About Us

MBCR is a family owned business renting campers from Fairhope, AL.
Ryan & Erin, Owners of MBCR

We have explored the outdoors for as long as we can remember and it's one reason we love living in Lower Alabama with all that it has to offer. Parks, beaches, and rural backroads are all within our reach. As we added kids to our family, we wanted a way to still have adventures in nature but also have some comforts of home. That led us to this new adventure. It has the best of both worlds and gives us an opportunity to have a great time with family and not break the bank.

We own this business because we want others to have an adventure as well. So if you're looking to have an adventure on the Gulf Coast or beyond, you can have piece of mind that our campers will fit your needs. We offer clean, updated, and well maintained campers so that you can get out there doing what you love. So if you're looking to explore our great beaches, kayak in the intercostal, visit music events, or take a camper to your hunting camp; we are here for you. 

We offer both pickup at our safe and secure location with a properly equipped vehicle or we can deliver to you at an additional cost so all you have to do is sit back and relax on a well needed time away. 

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