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Our Pet Policy

Here at Mobile Bay Camper Rentals, we feel it's important that the whole family is included in your trip, including your furry friends! Most of our units are pet friendly, but make sure to let us know beforehand so we can familiarize you with our invisible pet policy.

Please let us know during the booking process that you are planning on bringing pets so we can add the following:

PET FEE: $10/NIGHT - Not to exceed $50.


If we were not notified prior to the reservation and any evidence of a pet is found, you are subject to the following:

  • AT MINIMUM - Loss of $250 security deposit.

  • Excessive cleaning charges will be billed at $99/HR

We understand that pets are an important part of the family and we don't mind them coming along. However, there are some rules that you must agree to when bringing your furry friends. 


INVISIBLE PET POLICY: The term “invisible pet” means that when the unit is returned, we should not see any visible signs that there was an animal in the rental unit. This includes, but is not limited to: pet hair, carpet and/or fabric stains, carpet and/or fabric tears, scratches, damage of window coverings, pet food, any smell or odor associated with an animal.

Only domesticated animals are allowed in our rental units. Do not leave your pet unattended in the rental.  The pet may not have “free roam” of the rental while you are away.

We ask that you do not allow your pet to be on ANY of the furniture in the rental unit. This includes the seats, sofas, dinette area, bunks or beds.  
Remember, where your pet may be lounging is where the next renter may be laying their head for a good night’s rest.

This is a picture of Eddie's Dog (the former owner of MBCR) enjoying his camping trip.

The Loved Doggie of the Original Owner of MBCR

This is a picture of our dog visiting Cades Cove.

In Memory of Ollie, The Ultimate Adventure Pek-a-poo, Doggie of Erin & Ryan

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